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Game of Ops

Operator Coaching App

A gamified iOS app that coaches heavy equipment operators to reduce fuel consumption.

My Role and Responsibilities

I was the UX/UI Developer for this game.

UX Research

InPerson Interviews- Field Visits - Online Surveys - Tech Research - Persona Creation - User Tests 


Data Analytics

Inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal - Test and Revise Analytical Model


Front End Programming

UI Layout Integration - Programming iOS using Swift - Information Architecture Creation - Pair Programming

  • OBJECTIVE  -The goal of this project is to develop a mobile application for heavy equipment machine operators to use that tracks their operating performance against other operators, scores them points for operating in an efficient, carbon reducing manner, and coaches on how to operate more efficiently.  
  • TARGET AUDIENCE -The target audience of this app are heavy equipment operators of age above 35, who are not tech friendly, not like to be bossed around and also with a competitive mindset in workplace.  
  • TEAM - I worked along with multidisciplinary team with programmers,project manager,artists from different countries.
  • PROJECT TIMEFRAME - This game was developed in a period of 4 months.


iOS(Supported for all iPhones,iPads) 





  • Empathy Map  - To design a product for a target user community, the first thing to do is to think like they think and hear what they hear. That’s where the Empathy Map comes in, I used this tool to think like a user.
  • Experience Map -  I used to experience map is another tool I used to understand daily life of users and shows the end to end journey of a user’s daily life.
  • Persona -  Persona is a very important tool to identify the target user. It allowed me to narrow down to target user to build the product to. It represents the goals, motivations, characteristics, and behaviors of a real group of users.


  • We modeled core loop as the operator sees his performance, gets feedback on it, and improves his performance using goals and tips that we provide.
  • We designed a level-based progression system to be less rewarding for poor behavior and more rewarding for better behavior and connected the progression metric to XP and Wallet coins of the operator.
  • Game elements like XP, Wallet Coins, Levels, Missions are the language that was used to speak to the operator and thus gamify the user experience.

  • Design Pattern  - I used Structural design patternto create the template for the classes and objects to communicate.By this I defined ways to compose objects to obtain new functionality.
  • Framework- I used MVC(Model-View-Controller) framework in Xcode to implement the user interface designs and also to create a bridge to the backend database programmed by another programmer in Azure.


I used Xcode to program the hi-fi prototype, which served as the Minimum Viable Product to prove the idea behind the application. I used the wireframes designed in the earlier sprints, translated them into an interactive prototype. This version of the application was tested with the target persona group at their worksite.It was a very good learning curve for me to build upon my foregrounds of programming and lay a bridge between by designing and coding skills.

    What did we achieve..

    This app could reduce a Mining company's expense by 1.1 Million CAD per year through lowering fuel expenses and reducing emissions tax.

    Source Code,Demo Video cannot be shared due to NDA.

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