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Slay the titans

An open world 2D co-operative action adventure game

My Role and Responsibilities

I was the Game Designer for this game.

Game Tester

Smoke Test - Unit Test - User Play Test - Functional Test - Greybox Test.  


Game Design

Level Design - Puzzle Design - Prototype design - Combat Design - Character Design


Rapid Prototyping

Create different fidelity mockups - Create Control flows - Create Wireframes and storyboards.

Game Overview

  • Core Statement  -This game is about two demi-god brothers who have to cooperate with each other in order to find, and kill, every single enormous Titan before they destroy humanity. 
  • Target Audience -The target audience of Titanomachy are mid-core gamers,Users that play games that are easy to learn and allow fast advancement alongside increasing challenge but are not too time consuming.  
  • Team - I worked along with multidisciplinary team with programmers,project manager,artists from different countries.
  • Project Timeframe - This game was developed in a period of 4 months.


PC : Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, Ubuntu 12.04+  


Unity version 5.4.0



Key Features

  • Co-op Combat  - I designed the combat strategies completing the skills of the lead characters having god-like powers in spellcasting and melee combat to attack and stun enemies, shield their ally and perform powerful co-operative combos with the stolen Titan artifacts.
  • Co-op Puzzle - .  An interesting design went into the puzzles, as I had to design them solvable together than being alone. Co-op was an important element of the game which we couldn’t compromise in solving puzzles as well, I believed thats the key factor in this game.
  • Humongous Titans -I designed the Titans to be gigantic and each of them to have unique powers, each of which is to be learnt and mastered by the players before the final battle with the titan in each level. The bigger the Titans are the harder they are to defeat.
  • Time Challenge -I added an extra dynamic to the challenge of the game by introducing countdown before which the players have to explore the level and defeat the titan. So, every second the player uses counts and added an extra level of challenge to the game.

Core Loop

The core loop of the games was designed to be blend of individualistic moving and fighting of the respective players, the solving to be a blend of their skills.

The idea behind it was to underline the core-feature of co-op in the game. This allowed the players to feel empowered< on either of the characters they chose, also joining hands together for solving puzzles to progress in the game and win the Titans.

  • Level Design and Building  - I conceived of and successfully pitched the level with details of progressive challenges in the level on the combat and puzzle solving. I created the initial level design and a prototype level to aid the pitch. I worked along with a game designer to conduct playtest on this prototype and refined it further. I created visually intuitive design document and maintained it throughout the level completion. I worked along with artists and programmers to place different game elements such as pillars, bridges, spewing enemies etc. Also, shared my contribution assisting the sound designer to trigger SFX at the right time and place.
  • Game Physics Design -  Due to the nature of the 2D 3/4 perspective games, the game Titanomachy only contains physics in the two-dimensional X-Y coordinate system. Gravity is simulated through constraining the players to stay in the range of the platform areas. Vector speed is used to simulate the spell casting, laser casting and ray casting. However, the environment (platforms, floor, walls, elements) and the bosses (titans) are not regulated by any physics.


Story Board Creation

I story boarded the cause and effect of the player actions with the different game elements in each scene and animated the flow using Adobe Animate.  


UI Wireframe Creation

I designed the user interface layouts in such a way that they can be used simultaneoulsy by both the players.This added to a fluid flow between the gameplay and the menus.


Reflection and KFC Report

I used google forms to record play test results and reflected upon it to prepare the "Keep-Fix-Change" report.This helped to streamline the next sprint goals.

Character design - I was inspired from "Shadows of Collosus", the titans were created to be humgous compared to size of the heroes, this gave an additional layer of challenge to the players to learn and use their respective skills, in the right way to defeat the giant creatures and save the reign of axis mundi. The two lead players possessed complimenting skills of one being a melee and the other being a long distant spell caster.

Gameplay Video

Within a period of 4 months, we were able to achieve completing the first level of the game with the brothers exploring the lands of axis mundi, solving puzzles and getting to the final battle with Hyogan,the destructive titan. The brothers fight together figuring out the weakspot by solving the puzzle, in the final battle and defeat Hyogan.Watch the gameplay video to see the boss batlle clip. 

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