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Be the guardian of Z-Street, Defend the innocent lives and Defeat the blood thristy Zombies

Indie Project

The game has been designed with 4 levels with the playable game contains the first level.

Published on iTunes Store

I published the game on Apple store on July 11,2017. This game is FREE to download.

100+ Downloads - Targeted for Casual Mobile Gamers

Game Overview

  • Core Statement  -This is an endless runner zombie encounter game. The player plays role of the guardian of Z-Street and hundreds of life depend on him. The mission is to defend himself and also the dependant life’s of the community.  
  • Target Audience -The target audience of Z-Street are casual mobile gamers, Users who play time killing mobile games, who enjoy playing arcade games.  
  • Team -This was totally an independent project where I adorn different hats of being UX Designer, Game Designer and Programmer. This game was developed out of my curiosity to develop a game on iOS platform.It was a very good learning curve for me as I enjoyed playing games a lot, making one was too much fun as well.
  • Project Timeframe - This game was developed in a period of 1 week.







Level Design

  • Overview  -  I designed the first level of them to train the players with the different game mechanics and forsee the challenges that they could encounter in the future levels. The playable game from the App store contains only Level 1. Level 2,3 and 4 are to be added in future updates.
  • Level 1 - .  Zombies type 1 spawan for every 2 seconds when score count is 10, the frequency at which the zombies attack increases proportional to the score count.This adds a challenge for the players to move and shoot faster. In this level the player has unlimited ammo
  • Level 2 - Zombie type 1 and 2 are introduce and weapon 2 with limited ammo is introduced. Player needs to play smart as Zombie type 2 can be killed with weapon type 2 only, so player needs to time the limited ammo accordlingly.
  • Level 3 - Zombie type 3 and Weapon type 3 is introduced. A new aesthetic challenge of jumping over blocks to run throught the streets is introduced. This adds a new challenge to the player to be cautios of the navigation in the street.Weapon type 3 can also kill Zombie type 2 with two shots. So player needs to choose wise on using shots for Zombie type 2 or 3 respectively.

Ad Placements Design

Monetization through Ads has been designed in such a way that it does not has a negative motivation for the player to play the game. Players get rewarded for the watchin Ads. By this, watching Ad becomes a Player action than a Game action

Players can earn a medpack on watching Ad, this helps the player to use the option of Ads to survive longer.

Players can earn a special weapon from the armory by watchin Ad. Also, if the player does not have enough coins to buy a weapon then they have option to watch Ad to redeem the weapon.

F2P Monetization Design - The free to play economy has been designed as such the user gets a limited amount of coins on his run through the street, with which he can buyg basic weaponaries. For him to buy the better ones then he can purchase them with real money from the armory.

Regaining over timeSome of the weapons can be bought at a cheaper rates on claim and wait for a specific duration, where the player can come back and redeem it at a cheaper price.

The game saves player's coin count even on quit and comeback to the game.

Game Mechanics Design

The entire game mechanics has been designed to be simple and intuitive. Its controled by Swipe and tap gestures.

Swipe Left or right to Move, Swipe up to Jump.

Tap to shoot

Players get a live scorefeedback and the count of lives they have on the game HUD.

Gameplay Video

The playable game from the App store contains only Level 1.

Level 2,3 and 4 are to be added in future updates. Z-Street is here, time to save lives from Zombies.  Check it out!

Download the game through the App Store

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